First try

First try - student project

First try - image 1 - student projectFirst try - image 2 - student project

I really appreciated the instruction in this class. I’m a total beginner (obviously) and you were teaching exactly what I wanted to know about in a super clear and easy to follow way. It was fun and exciting! I did the first project twice back to back, because I couldn’t remember the instructions the first time and needed to review. It’s a great technique that I look forward to practicing more and more. 

The bonus project felt totally impossible. I got discouraged during the very first attempt. I couldn’t even manage to complete one gesture drawing (from a reference) in 15 sec, so there was no way I was really going to be able to invent entirely new poses and make lots of them in 15 seconds. It’s a great exercise. I just don’t have the basic skills in my body in a way that would allow me to do it so fast - I have to think through the different parts. I would be happy to return to the practice without a timer another day and see what I can come up with.