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First try at watercolor illustration

July 5th, 2013

Hi all!

I'm Jo, from Montréal, Qc, Canada.  I'm learning watercolor since a few months and was admiring Katie Rodgers art when I relized this class was offered.  I decided to give it a try, despite not being too good at drawing, it will add to the challenge.  I don't see myself as very creative person and sure, I'd like to develop this side.  What I learned in watercolor so far doesn't look at all with the images I see on Ms Rodger's blog, so I'm curious about the technic.

Also, I'm usually French speaking, reason why my use of english may seems a little strange sometimes, now you know!

Where I am so far??  I did a few doodles.  Almost ashamed posting them after seeing the wonderful creations from others but, hey... why not.





I'll have to redraw them, I'm scared ...

July 6 2013

Redid the second one I think I'm getting the idea ;-)


July 12

I'm not gone, even if not going as fast as I wish.  Still drawing, trying different images.  It doesn't come easy.  I'm trying to simplify, to get that almost cartoonest drawing, but no.. not yet.

Here is one more image I did this week


December 11, 2015

Yes, a year an half later, I'm back to this class.  I needed to learn a bit more about watercolor, and I did, but this took me on some different roads, so many approaches, so many techniques, so many tolearn!  And it didn't stop yet. 

I did my first painting for this class today and it is not so good.  I thought it would be better but I strugled quite a lot with clothe folds and shadows.  Oh well, maybe next will look better.



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