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First timer, getting there!

** Updated chronologically, so keep on scrollin'! :) ** 

I have some experience with hand lettering, but I've never used honest to goodness calligraphy tools - just tried to fake the effect. I recently started a project wherein I'm doing at least one piece of hand lettering a day, so this will be a nice way to mix things up a bit!

Been spending a couple pages just practicing the /, u, o, and sideways s! I'm using a 404 nib. So far the hardest thing for me is keeping my angle consistent (that, and not making a mess with the ink...). 


After filling a few pages with the shape practice, I decided to try just tracing the alphabet; not freehanding my own yet. It's interesting how even though I'm tracing, because my downstrokes aren't exactly the same thickness and whatnot, it's a slightly different style when i compare it to the template. I decided to try my hand at numbers as well. So far I'm loving it - I complete a page and walk away for a few minutes, and then I get the itch to go back and try again. 


I've moved on from tracing into actually freehanding my own - I'm drawn to a slightly looser letter and I love adding loops wherever I can (like on the lowercast p!). I find the uppercase letters much easier to draw - they feel more free and less tight. My letters bear a pretty strong resemblance to the template, mostly because that's what I've been practicing the most. 

Just when I get comfortable and confident with the pen, a giant splatter spurts across my uppercase practice and humbles me again. 


As I continue practicing my own alphabet, I am really drawn toward slightly more whimsical letters that have a moving baseline. I'm really loving practicing and look forward to it every day on my walk home from work!


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