First time sourdough bread, and yes, easier and more fun than I expected.

I have tried many times to bake good bread. I have a bread machine and other equipment that I thought would be the trick, but this was a new (and best!) approach.

My dough was stiffer than the video, then I realized that I added too much flour. I have a small bowl for my scale so I measured the flour in 2 parts and miscalculated. But it still turned out. I didn't have bread flour, but I added about a tablespoon of vital wheat gluten in place of flour. I have a large ceramic bowl and I covered it with a frying pan lid for the bulk proofing.


My rounds weighed in at 900g each instead of 855. Oops. They're not as smooth as they should be, but for a first time, not too bad.


I have a proofing setting on my oven, so I used that for 1 hour and let it finish the final proof near the oven vent as it was preheating. I used bowls I had on hand for shaping the loaves, which worked okay. I tried to add plenty of flour to keep the dough from sticking to the bowl, but it still stuck a little. Here's the 2nd loaf ready for the oven.


When I put the first loaf in the oven, I forgot to spray it with water, so I immediately took it out. Then I panicked when my water spritzing bottle didn't work, but of course it had to load the water into the nozzle. Duh. Phew, I thought.

The baking smells so good, and the results were delicious. I thought there would be more of a sour taste, but I didn't really detect it. We used the bread with olive oil dip, sandwiches, toast, etc. Yum! Here's one down, one to go:


And here's the inside soft and chewy deliciousness. Thanks, Teresa, for this valuable class!



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