First tablet (& Photoshop) project, ever...

After seeing more and more mention of Wacom tablets, I started lightly looking into them.  Wow, what amazing things I saw.  Fantastic art and so many uses...

I've always been a huge admirer of art but never had the patience or time to peruse any form of it.   Now, at 52' I think I'll give it a go.

I purchased a Wacom Intuos Pro, Medium a few weeks ago.  When it arrived I quickly unboxed it, hooked it up and watched each video in Pale Horse's class a couple of times.

then,, with pen in hand, I just sat there, and sat, and...

After about a week of fiddling and deleting any amount of work, I came to the conclusion that not only was this going to be much harder to do and will have a much larger learning curve than I had imagined, I also realized that the tablet just didn't "feel right".  It was way too large, in my opinion.

I returned the medium last week and yesterday received the small version of the same tablet.

I'm now very anxious to get going.  It feels so much better than the medium.  I'm super happy with the change.

So, hopefully I'll have something to post soon.

wish me luck.


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