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First steps

This is my first project. I used the "ombre" tecnique. First I wrote a word in one colour, and later I added some shades.

I didn't use normal watercolour paints, but Zig Art&Graphic Twin markers and a colourless marker. In most cases I would add additional shades by transfering the darker colour with this colourless marker (I was "touching" two markers and then using this 000-colour for drawing).


It's not easy to draw things like this for me, since I am left-handed. If I forget to keep my left hand in the air, I smudge the whole picture. It was an interesting discovery.

Also I had to work out the way to write down the letters, since I sometimes write some letters or parts of letters from right to left or I write sth "up" and not "down" and I get the wrong thickness. I wonder if other left-handed people would have the same issue while trying to letter sth.

This is an actual birthday card I made. This is a first one and I know that many things could go better here :).



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