Fred Bednarski

Graphic Design student, all design enthusiast.



First steps in Blender

I have decided to dip my toes in Blender mostly because I needed a way to generate complex wireframes for a poster idea I have. I attempted making it in illustrator (which is doable, but a huge hassle) and in Rhino3D (at which I am semi-profficient, but making low poly looking wireframes in NURBS is an exercise in frustration) before looking at a more classic 3D software. This is how I ended here, after reading about Blender. Can't lie, a big appeal of Blender is the fact that it is free. But...

...coming from more classic GUIs, Blender seemed arcane and confusing. Well, this class allowed me to decipher some of its mysteries, but now I want to learn it more. Few quick things I discovered while following this class.

  • You do want a mouse! Trackpad and/or graphic tablet won't cut it.
  • You want a numpad on your keyboard. For more serious modelling, I will switch to my Desktop.
  • My graphics card is not too good for rendering :P

Near the end of the class, I got frustrated with my laptop (mainly thanks to using the trackpad) so my composition and color balance are both lacking in my render. Like I said before, I will have to move to my aging desktop (or at least get myself a setup where I have a mouse and at least one more screen connected to my laptop) for my future Blender endeavors.  



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