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First step in watercolor... and what a step !

Hi everyone

here I am to share with you what i have been able to achieve, thanks to Ana Victoria !

First as an intro, i simply wanted to tell that i have never been in drawing/painting, while i have tried and sometimes succeed in several other crafts. Watercolor is one that always fascinates me and is the one i wanted to try the most. But didn't know where to start (and no real time to attend some lessons or workshops IRL). I was there, chiling on Instagram where i have started to share some drawings, and some pictures hooked me - quickly i found Skillshare and this course. and here i am. And I am so happy that I went through this course entirely , and so satisfied of this beginning.

I have been an humble student and did all the steps one after the other.

Lessons 1-2-3:


I enjoyed doing these, and I will again to make them better. I particularly love some colors I manage to obtain below. Circles are quite difficult with a brush (i am better at free hand mandals with a pen, for sure) so i'll keep on practicing them


Lesson 4 : Monochrome activity

What a challenge... what to draw ?! abstract drawing is what I practice generally, but real life, i am not good ! well, i googled "butterfly" (i was in the mood for butterflies on friday) and here I found my model.


I tried a watercolor in tube that i got in a box of artist supplies (scrawlrbox). This one is Outremer by Winsor and Newton. I kind of find easier to concentrate the color in this format . But what's the real difference (if there are people around to explain) ?

What do you think ?

Lesson 5 : have fun with little planets

This is the one that really intrigued my husband, and where he has been very interested to rank the results ;)


For this occasion, i reopened some almost forgotten bottles, with alcohol inks (the big red dots), and sparkling acryling paints. Being also crazy about nailpolishes, i tried some acetone dots (the brown on the bottom) and also a drying spray, on the last one. It gave a kind of foggy effect. The big white dots are white china ink from Pelikan. My black media happened to be indian ink from Windsor and Newson, although i have had it already for a long time.

I have some prefered: what's yours ?

Lesson 6: Jellyfish

So last friday was a day off for me, even the kids were not home so I literally spend my day on all these lessons. And here i am, after dinner and... I HAVE to do the jellyfish. I could not wait for it. So again drawing is not my best ! i made some errors in some tentacles and realized after a while that my brush was too tiny : it couldn't manage such long tentacles.


this time, the salt effect worked better than on the little planets and I managed to obtain some nice textures, especially on the red one.

and finally

My Galaxy Project

let's be honest : i have been shy regarding to the format. While my jellyfishes are big, i did my galaxy trial on an A6 !!!! but i wanted to do it, it was saturday morning and i knew that i would have very little time for myself on the weekend. So i did a tiny galaxy, as a start.


There are some areas I like, some others that are not great. But i was amazed about how much i changed my point of view when I started to spray the white dots and add the details. It completely change the overall picture and i started to like it, as a whole.

So I FRAMED IT and it is now on my desk ! and also because my husband said he wanted me to do it, i already have a groupie ! lol !

No kidding ! i am really surprised by the result, and I see so many opportunities to improve. Did i say that we are space lovers at home ?

Thank you, Ana Victoria, for this great course.


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