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First sketches


10 March 16 | Colour Chart

Making the colour chart was fun! I always had trouble mixing colours, so this was a big help.


11 March 16 | Plant

My first attempt sketching with pen and watercolours. I call this is my "alien plant", since it is a very strange looking succulent.


12 March 16 | Appliance

My favourite kitchen device, which I use almost every day.


13 March 16 | Lemons

I had some lemons on my kitchen table. Not so happy with the colours and the shadows look a bit strange. Oh well, learning by doing ;-)


14 March 16 | Sketching materials

This one was fun! I didn't even have to mix colours ;-) This is my winsor & newton watercolour travelset, the micron pen (love it!) and then a big lovely watercolourbrush, which I got as part of a birthday present from a good friend. 


15 March 16 | Salad in a jar

I love salads in mason jars and on most of the weekdays I take one with me to work. This one was with cucumber, red cabbage, apples, lambs lettuce (?) and gouda cheese. Very yummy with some french dressing.


16 March 16 | Duck

Today, I sat in a park sketching a tree as this duck came by. He came very close and held still, looking at me. It was almost like he was expecting me to sketch him. So I quickly flipped the page and did so, not caring much about details, just trying to catch the moment.


16 March 16 | Tree

...I eventually finished the tree-sketch also. I got a bit lost in details here ;-) this tree had so many branches!


17 March 16 | Things I collect

I love notebooks. Yesterday I bought four new ones :-) I just couldn't resist the wonderful floral patterns.


18 March 16 | Building

This is the building I work in. It was a bit difficult to sketch, since it is a high-rise (23 floors) and has a glass facade. The perspective is a bit off too, maybe I wasn't so inspired by it. ;-)


18 March 16 | Coffee(mug)

I normally prefer a latte macchiato, but at work I usually drink a mug of „normal“ coffee with some milk. As I worked on my diploma thesis, I got very little sleep and drank a lot of coffee out of this mug. Ever since then it has accompanied me from one job to another, got lost and was found again. Although the mug is not the prettiest and has some cracks, I guess I will never be throwing it away. 


19 March 16 | Extremely loud and incredibly close by Jonathan Safran Foer

I was in a bookstore and saw this book. It had just been released and I was totally drawn to the cover. It really stood out among all the other books. I hadn't heard about it before, nor did I know the author.  Because of the cover and the experience I'd had, I ended up buying the book. It became my favourite one. I love the story, it has so many layers and the book is wonderfully made. Go ahead and read it! :-)


20 March 16 | Camouflage suitcase

I’ll be travelling tonight, so I have to pack my camouflage suitcase. It was a birthday present from friends. I have never seen a second suitcase like that at the baggage claim, so I can always recognize it from afar. :-)


20 March 16 | Tomatoes

Quick sketch of some fresh cherry tomatoes on my kitchen table.


21 March 16 | What I do when I do "nothing"

Nowadays, I just can't sit around and do nothing anymore, so I knit socks. For me it's like meditation. 


22 March 2016 | My fathers birthday

I baked a black forest cake for my father. It has a chocolate base, lots and lots of whipped cream and cherries on top. It was delicious, but so huge that we had to eat it for 5 days! No more cake for me thank you.


23 March 2016 | Snow again

My father lives in Finland and the winter lasts sometimes until the end of april. So it was snowing - big, fluffy flakes. All the trees were covered with a big layer of snow. I actually wanted to color the sketch later, but eventually did not find the time to do it.


26 March 2016 | Waiting for the flight home

I found this cozy little waiting area on Helsinki airport called "the book swap". There were wooden floors,  nice comfortable armchairs and this big shelf with lots of different books in all languages. The idea behind this was, that you could take a book with you, if you left another behind in exchange. I found the idea really nice: books travelling around the world. I had to catch my flight, so no time for coloring. :-)


3 April 2016 | Armchair

Back home again: this is the armchair in my livingroom. It is pretty old. I bought it used and love it very much. 


4 April 2016 | Louis 

This is my dog Louis. He was named after "le Roi Soleil Louis XIV", the Sun King of France. He is a miniature pincher, but acts like a doberman. Louis is very energetic and rarely holds still, so not the easiest thing to sketch.


15 April 2016 | Cherry blossoms, 1st try

The cherry trees are blooming here at the moment, so I figured it would be the perfect motif to try out the negative painting methode.

...Well... not the easiest thing I'd say... ;-) ...I definitely need more practice. It was still fun though. 


16 April 2016 | Cherry Blossom, 2nd try

I wanted to tackle the negative painting methode, so this is my second try on the cherry blossom. At least it looks like a flower now! :-) 


17 April 16 | Toiletry

I got this new product, a lovely bled of natural oils. The flacon looks really pretty and has this golden shimmer to it, which I tried to catch.


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