First scene: Scene and Sequel

Goal: Faye wants to use the silver circlet to restore her arm so that she can go about her business properly.

Conflict: As Faye starts the process, she is reminded of her accident. She tries to not think about it, but her body and mind react violently, leading to a panic attack. She is forced to drag herself to the bathroom in fear of puking all over her bedroom floor.

Disaster: Just as Faye has recovered enough from her attack, and is about to restore her arm, the doorbell rings, and she is once again interrupted. Not wanting to make the person outside wait, she hurriedly puts on clothes and opens the door where her colleague, Lorne awaits. He tells her that their boss needs Faye to come work today, on her day off, disrupting Faye’s plans.

Emotion: Frustration, anger and sadness.

Thought: Faye has to decide between disappointing her Madame or her friend.

Decision: Faye decides to go to work in fear of falling out of good graces with Madame.

Action: Faye takes a shower, freshens up and puts on her work uniform and glasses, disguising her true eye color through magic so that she is ready for work.




It was a gray and rainy morning. There was only the sound of rain splashing against the slightly open windows. Paintings and bookcases of varying sizes decorated the white walls. There wasn’t any order to the paintings, as they were scattered haphazardly around the room, almost like an art gallery. Faye shook as the cold wind caressed her bare shoulders. She muttered a curse as she looked at where the wind was coming from. Her mother had always told her that fresh air was important, but making sure you didn’t freeze to death was also important, Faye thought. The wind continued to lick her skin. She tumbled in her bed, trying to cover herself shoulders. The cold instead harassed her face.

 Faye rose from her bed and planted her feet on the cold and hard wooden floor. It was in stark contrast to the warmth of her bed and its snow white cover. Goosebumps covered her skin as she shook. Faye tiptoed toward her window and closed it with a swift motion before throwing herself back into bed. The cold was gone but the rain grew louder. Minutes passed and the sound of splashing rain grew louder still. Faye laid with one ear against the pillows with the other ear in the air. In an attempt to silence the noise, she grabbed a pillow from below her head and sandwiched herself between the two. The noise did go away but the position was far too straining for her to be able to sleep.

 Faye grunted and threw off her sheets and took a seat on the side of her bed. She rubbed her eyes, trying to remove the fog from her vision. She rested her head in the palm of her hand and sighed. Her body sank as if an invisible weight rested upon her shoulders. From between her fingers, she looked at her stump of flesh. Nausea began to build in her stomach as images flashed across her mind. Faye quickly turned away her gaze and closed her eyes. She knew she wasn’t supposed to look at things that made her uncomfortable but sometimes she felt a compulsion to stare at it. It reminded Faye of when her mother used to tell her not to stare at other people because they had a scar or looked funny, but she still felt a need to look at them just one more time. The stump was a part of her now, but there was still no getting used to it. It was just as foreign to her now as it was on the day she got it. Her stomach churned. Whether it was from hunger or nausea, Faye could not tell. It hurt all the same.

 Faye opened her eyes and walked to the wooden desk beside her bed. It’s dark wood was smooth to the touch and its surface reflected Faye’s pale face back at her. A thick book with a tattered brown cover lied at the center of the desk with the black circlet laid on top of it. Other items like a pair of glasses and a black phone laid on the desk, but had been pushed to the side along with stacks of books that had been relegated to the back of the desk. Faye swept the jet black hair out of her face and looked at the black circlet. Its design was ornate and elegant, but its beauty was marred by strange runes that had been crudely carved into its surface. It was big enough to fit over her head, and if it were not for the odd color and runes’ desecration, a bride might have mistakenly worn it for her wedding day. Faye picked it up and let it rest in her hand. It was neither cold or warm and hard to the touch yet malleable like clay that Faye could bend it with ease.

 With a swift motion, she put the black circlet onto the stump like you would put a ring on a finger. Faye made an effort not to look at or touch the skin where she had put it more than absolutely necessary. It did little to stop the images from flashing before her mind. There was always a risk that she might remember whenever she interacted with the stump, and every time the memories would come, without warning, to assault her mind. Faye ignored the images for the moment and focused on where she held the circlet. She closed her eyes, pictured her body in her mind and imagined an aura surrounding it. After a few moments, every hair on her body stood. Like an extra layer of skin, a faint, black aura slowly appeared, outlining her body. The circlet awoke and the aura dissipated. It buzzed and vibrated as it  shrunk itself to fit the spot it was worn at until it was a perfect fit. It stung like a needle as it touched her skin.

 Faye grunted and snapped her eyes shut, trying to not think about it. She knew subconsciously that there was no danger, that it was over. It made no difference. The pain by her stump brought it all back. Her mind replayed the events over and over again, and her body could not help but react as if she were experiencing it for the first time again.

 Her heart thudded in her chest. Her armpits sweated profusely. The blood pounded in her ears. Her vision became blurry, as if looking through a foggy lens. She took long and deep breaths as her chest tightened. The air in her room seemed to thicken and choke her. She had to get away, she had to go somewhere that wasn’t here. Her mind screamed for someone to come and take the pain away, but there was no one to comfort her, there was no haven from the memories. She cried as bile rose in her throat. The only thing she could do was endure and to minimize the potential cleaning she’d have to do afterwards.

 Faye steadied herself as she took wobbly steps toward the bathroom door opposite her desk, making sure she did not feint on the way. She jerked open the door and collapsed onto the cold marble floor by the toilet. Her kneecaps hit the marble floor hard, but that pain was merely a drop in an ocean. Her frayed mind was unable to think about anything else as long as the images continued to flash before her. She stayed like that for what felt like an eternity, not knowing if she would see yesterday’s dinner or not.

 Minutes passed. Nothing came. As the confusion began to pass, Faye breathed an exhausted sigh of slight relief as she rested against the bathroom wall. The cold felt good against her sweat drenched body. Her blood no longer pounded in her ears and her heartbeat was steadier and calmer. The images faded from her mind. The worst was over. The nausea had yet to pass, but it was enough to continue where she had left off.


 Faye jerked at the sound of a ringing noise. She thought it might have been her imagination at first, but the noise soon rang again. It was real. Carefully she rose and tiptoed to her apartment door and looked through the peephole. In the well lit wooden corridor outside stood a clean shaven man with short blonde hair and pointy ears. He wore a white shirt underneath a grey vest with black buttons. Faye moved away from the peephole and muttered a silent curse beneath her breath. She moved her right hand to open the door, only to realise, looking down, she was still in her underwear. Stumbling across the room, she slammed open her wardrobe. Her eyes scanned the mass of black, grey and dark blue that hung before her. Grabbed the first long sleeved garment she saw along with a pair of well worn jeans and clumsily threw them on. She sprinted to the front door. She knew the man outside would wait however long she needed to, but it would it would have been rude to make him wait more than was necessary. She allowed herself a moment to collect herself as she corrected her posture and pushed the hair out of her face once again. She twisted the silver lock and pulled the door inward, making sure to cover her left side with the door. Her eyes squinted as they adjusted to the lighting outside.

 ‘Good morning, Faye.’ said the blonde elf, a bright smile adorning his face.

‘Hey, Lorne.’ said Faye. ‘Sorry I took so long. I had to get dressed.’

‘Don’t worry about it.’ Lorne said. ‘Feeling better?

‘Yeah, I’m good.’ said Faye.

‘That’s great.’ said the elf. ‘Look I hate to be the bearer of potentially bad news…’

‘Go on.’ Faye said, cocking her head forward and widening her eyes.

‘Jean called in sick.’ said the elf.

‘And you’re saying I have to cover for him…?’ Faye said.

‘You’re the only one available.’ Lorne said.

‘No… no… no.’ Faye said, putting her face in her hand.

‘You’ve been gone from work for a week already, and Madame wants you back now.’ Lorne said. ‘With Jean gone we really need a couple of extra hands for tonight.’

‘I’m not available, I have plans today! The Madame knows that!’ Faye said, frowning and looking Lorne in the eyes.

Lorne took a step back and made a calming gesture with his hands. ‘Look, I’m just the messenger. If you’re gonna yell at someone, yell at the Madame.’

Flustered, Faye took a step back as well, ‘Right, I-I’m sorry. I just had a shitty morning and now I-’ Faye sighed deeply and put her hand across her face.

Lorne cocked his head. ‘Are you alright?’

‘Yeah... I just… really didn’t need this right now.’

‘I can see that, you still don’t look too good.’ He shrugged. ‘But what do I know? I’m not gonna pry.’

‘Appreciate it.’ Faye said, managing an appreciative smile. ‘She’s a damn slaver, that woman.’

Lorne let out a bemused chuckle, his smile returning. ‘That she is.’

‘Tell her I’ll be down soon. There’s no rush is there?’ said Faye.

‘No rush.’ said Lorne.

‘Then I’ll take my time.’ said Faye.

Faye nodded her goodbye and moved to close the door.

‘Wait.’ Lorne said, putting his hand on the door. ‘I know I said I wasn’t gonna pry but… I just want to make sure you take care proper of yourself.’

‘Don’t worry about me.’ Faye said, managing a smile. ‘See you soon.’ Lorne smiled back and nodded his goodbye as he let go of the door. It closed with a heavy thud and Faye twisted the lock.

Faye leaned against the front door as she slid down to the floor. She closed her eyes and focused on the the stump of flesh that remained of her left arm. Pictured the image of a flower sprouting from the earth and whispered a word, ‘Animate.’ The runes on the circlet began to glow in a dark light. She frowned and grunted as the runes burned her skin. The circlet itself dissolved and disappeared into her arm like skin cream. Only the runes remained, like a newly drawn tattoo. Faye put her right arm forward, followed by what remained of her left one. A thin line of dark smoke sprouted from the end of her stump like a flower. It grew in length as it stayed weightless in the air.

 Faye focused on her right arm as she recounted its physical dimensions and spoke another pair of words, ‘Mirror. Replicate.’ The line of dark grew in width and size, mirroring her right arm. Once it had achieved the right dimensions, the smooth shape extended dark tendrils upwards to Faye’s shoulder, stopping just beneath her armpit. Then, like a stonemason carving shapes out of a rock, a left arm shaped and defined itself inside the writhing shadow. Finally, like an artist adding details to a painting, fingers and nails quickly appeared at the end of the arm like shape.

 She watched the process with wide eyes until the shadow eventually stopped shaping itself. Like she had done before, she tried to remember what it was like still having a left arm and tried to move her new one in a similar fashion. Faye flexed her fingers, made a fist and bent her shadowy arm. Her movements were sluggish and a bit unresponsive. It was like moving a limb that had fallen asleep. She had to focus and will her arm to move. It was always like that at the start but the numbness would quickly pass. She managed a smile at the sensation as she watched her essence flow inside the shape of her arm as if it were alive. Faye felt her arm with her hand. It was elastic like real skin but smooth like oil. It was good to have something there again. Her thoughts turned to the matter of Madame.

 Faye knew she couldn’t disappoint Madame, that much was certain. Madame could be a fearsome woman, should she wish to be. It would be stupid to skip out on work and risk incurring her wrath. She remembered what happened the last time Madame felt one of her workers’ commitment to The Crimson Lamb was lacking. Faye had already been gone a week. Any more and… Faye shuddered at the thought. She would have to cancel her plans with Jon once again. That thought wasn’t appealing but… perhaps Jon had come to expect it by now.

 Faye stood up and walked to her desk. She put on picked up her phone and typed in a message to Jon, explaining her predicament.

‘I’m sorry but I can’t meet today. Something’s come up at work and I’m being asked for. I’ll have to see you some other time. Again, I’m really sorry.’

She read the message. Again, and again. She felt the nausea building in her stomach. Her thumb hovered over the send button. It stayed like that for a long while before her grip around her phone tightened as she forced herself to push the button. Faye raised her fist and threw the phone on the bed. She turned and walked to the bathroom. She had reached the bathroom’s threshold when her phone buzzed. Faye turned her head and looked to the phone. She gulped down the lump in her throat. There was a moment’s hesitation before she turned away her head and closed the bathroom door behind her with a satisfying click. Perhaps a shower would wash away some of the guilt.


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