First project of this course

First project of this course - student project

Hi. I'm so happy to share the first project to your class.


I have used this reference image:

I wanted to have a happy model, and I didn't see that you have added references to class resources.


First I drew the lines:

First project of this course - image 1 - student project

I prefer to draw without the grid (and my art instructor really drilled this skill). Unfortunately, my glaze was too dark and line too soft, and I lost most of it :(((

Then I added some color:

First project of this course - image 2 - student project

I had to redraw most of facial features here,  as line work was mostly lost. Also I lost the facial expression of the smile here.

And now the painting with pallet knives. I had a hard time controlling what will appear on the paper. I don't hate the end result, but I was hoping for something better. Hair is nice, but other features aren't defined enough.  Colors have mixed too much and are too thick.

Next time I will try the following things:

* less reworking of color on canvas

* heavy gel medium

* bigger paper

Anyway, this was a fun project, and I'm glad that I took this class.

First project of this course - image 3 - student project