First observations

My observations after few meditations accopmanied by some meditation music from youtube are as follows:
-I've found out that it's not so easy to calm your mind in todays world
-after first few minutes, I've noticed some soothing sensation in my brain as if it switched to a different "mode", it was very subtle and felt good.
-Throught the day I've found out some benefits of letting go of stuff and reducing the tension.
-My most concern is to develop a deeper states of meditation as it seems that nobody can tech you cause we're all different. So it obviously takes conscious practice
-In my opinion it's worth to invest some time in such activity to increase productivity by reducing stress and tension.

My tips is to meditate very early (possibly at sunrise) which gives a luxury of silience (at least at my home) plus watching the nature waking up and getting ready for the day helps a lot. In the evening it's easy to fall asleep which interrupts the meditation but offers some rest for the body.


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