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First macarons

Licorice macarons with chocolate ganache

I have seached for a while after a delicious way to use my leftover eggwhites after making cabonara and finaly found a great one (after being tired of making merengue)

I found out that there is deffinitly something wrong with my oven. After the first 10 min at 120 degrees the back row had turned brown. With the next trays of macarons I went with a lower heat setting and the wobbely/non woboly test to find out when they were done instead. 

The surface is not as smooth or "glossy" as I have seen them elsewhere and the piping bags end tip is still seen after the baking. I guess i need to mix the batter more before I put it in the bag. 

Taste is good - but practice makes champ for sure and I look forward to make more.


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