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First finished project

Hi everyone ! :)

My name is Rémi I'm a 19 years old student from France. I love drawing since I was a kid, but I don't do so much long project (more than 1 or 2 hours), just sketching or quick studies...

This project is one of my first long project that I finished.

I watched Game of Thrones not long ago, and then began this course. I really wanted to draw Peter Dinklage who is one of my favorite character of the show and because of his face. I first found this picture that looked good to me :

I just bought some pencils (3H and 4B) and good paper, and began my drawing. I didn't take photos through stages, so here is my final drawing :

I took a lot of time to do the very dark areas so I think I will buy a darker pencil later. It was also the first time I really worked on hair, so it was a bit tough. 

I was just thinking about doing the background, maybe I'll do it one day (when I'll have darker pencils) :P

Ok, so what do you think about it ? It would be good to have some feedback about what's good and what I can improve.

Thank you !


Finally bought new pencils and finished this drawing ! I'm quite happy with it, but I think I should redo it with these new pencils because I feel like it lacks contrast with this dark background... But I prefer to do new drawings. :)

Here is the photo (low quality :/ ) :

UPDATE (15/02) :

Well, I changed my mind and decided to change it a bit with my new 8B. There's more contrast and more details now, I think I'm finally happy with it :P


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