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First digital colouring attempt!

I've never used Photoshop all that much and never for digitally colouring, although I'm quite familiar with certain elements after a few frustrating attempts at Lynda courses, namely background removal...ugh!

I'm cat mad so this seemed the obvious choice from the sample images! I didn't have any of my own sketches that didn't have a significant amount of shading which just dulled the colours too much. However, it did seem to achieve quite an interesting vintage effect with a pencil portrait I'd done so might explore that further.

Began with using my mouse, convinced working with my graphics tablet would be harder (I've not used it for almost a year after also getting frustrated with that) but after an hour of slow progress, I switched and boy, was I glad I did! I don't have the steadiest hands and not the most patient person in the world so this was a challenge but an enjoyable one. Overall, I'm pleased with how the basket turned out but feel the kitten needs more contrast so it pops more. Realsed I'd forgotten to whiten the eyes so the amended version below looks better! (Skillshare won't let me change the main image).


The preview seems to have cut off the top and bottom of the image for some reason so your signature is still there Noel! Thanks for a great class :)


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