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First class! Simplify Entrepreneurship Class! - UPDATE with Fall Plan!

My newest class! Man I LOVE this! Skillshare is so addicting! ;) haha! But seriously, I feel like I've found a good groove and I'm excited to see my numbers really show it!

I'd LOVE some feedback on this class because it was one of those classes that I took notes on for so long but just found it hard to actually record and publish you know!?! One of those topics that was hard to simplify and put into words less than 20 minutes long! ;) Not easy for me to do!

How to Make Great Money as a Virtual Assistant 


First of the Fall classes up! 


Here's the new class! With more to come! Yay!

Fall Plan:

-I'd actually like to create at least 2 classes a month...that's my "reach" goal so I know that even if I don't hit it EVERY month, I'll get really close to it and I'll surpass the fall challenge reqs!

-I'm also going to work on offering 1-2 classes for free for the whole fall so I can grow my following better!

-Topics right now I'm brainstorming outlines for: 1. Outsourcing & working with a VA 101  2. Social medi marketing 101 (and possibly a few "off shoot" classes too!) 3. Kindle book writing & maybe a class on Christmas crafts or something holiday themed because I'm one of *those* holiday people! ;) 

Comment below on your plans for the Fall Challenge so I can check out your classes & encourage/brainstorm with you!! :) 

First Class Project:

Finishing my class took about twice (at least!!) as long as I thought it would! Anyone else find this out too?! ha! ;) 

BUT - I first started by brainstorming a HUGE 2 page list of all the classes I thought would be cool to teach. And then I picked the top 1, basically asking "if there's only one thing I could share with the awesome Skillshare community what would it be?!" Boom. Class topic #1 finalized!

Then I did a brainstorm "word dump" of all the things I could possible talk about it in.

And then "pruned" the ideas down to the top few things that would really, really matter to the students. I outlined them with a few subbullet points in Google Docs so I would have some notes to work on while I recorded. 

I spent one full day recording and practicing my videos. I used my amazing Sony a5000 to record with my Dad's legacy 50mm lens from 1980! So cool! 

Then I did some simple edits in QuickTime (and tried out the whole lightroom presets onto video clips that was very cool, but I didn't end up needing them for this time around.) And pressed publish!

I also uploaded a project piece to my own class, becuase I really do use these tips daily in my businesses! 

Here's some of the chicken scratch from my project photos! ;) 


I've actually found that designing & teaching Skillshare classes is addictive!! I already have 3 more outlines ready to be filmed!

Anyone else feel like this is their new Peanut butter to their jelly?! ha!


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