First class - November Challenge: Facebook Pixel & WordPress

First class - November Challenge: Facebook Pixel & WordPress - student project

The title of my first class is: How to Install the New Facebook Pixel on WordPress Easily

This is the description:

In this class you will learn what the new Facebook pixel is, how to use it and why using it. You will then learn how to easily install the Facebook pixel on a WordPress blog using a recommended free plugin in order to build an audience for remarketing, optimize your Facebook ads and track conversions.

You will understand how the Facebook pixel works and how to use different events like Leads, Registrations and sales.

Class project:

1. Post a screenshot of the Plugin page to show the Facebook pixel install, and tracking events chosen.

2. Post a screenshot of the Facebook Pixel Helper showing the pixel is installed successfully.

3. Post a screenshot of your Facebook stats showing the custom columns for your Facebook events.

Good luck!

Video Lesson Outline:

This will be my cover image:

First class - November Challenge: Facebook Pixel & WordPress - image 1 - student project

This is the link to my Intro video on Vimeo:

Password: november

This is the first time I teach on camera and it has been very challenging. Your feedback is appreciated.

I have now filmed all my screencast lessons and it's going to be quite a bit of editing I have to do next. I still have one lesson to film, which is based on slides that I am doing now, and will film tomorrow.

It took two days to edit all the footage and I am pleased with the result. There is room for improvement of course, but now I know the process for my next class.

Class is now published:

I have now reached 29 students in the class and got one review. It is on the trending page now after 5 days publishing the class and only a couple of days promoting it.

I have now 39 students and I'm so glad to see it growing.

Enjoy the class!


Michel Gerard
Entrepreneur, Author, Teacher & Internet Marketer