First bash

My needs are a little different for this project although I guess we all have different needs.  My day job changes all the time so I don’t know whether I’ll be home, working late or travelling so I don’t know if I’ll have any time left on any given day.  I do have a workaround because all it really means is that I schedule based on a day number and not a specific day of the week.

I’ve started with five days numbered, yes you guessed it, one to five.  Tomorrow will be my first day or Day 1 and that’s where I’ll start.  So Day 1 for me is Tuesday.  If I get home from work too late on Wednesday then Day 2 will have to be Thursday.  It makes sense to me and I think the important thing is to get going.

Finding a box with compartments fell in the “too hard” basket so I simply stuck labels on the first of each card.  That simply means I have to pad out a little with empty cards but that works.  The box is from The Reject Shop which doesn’t actually sell reject stuff but is cheap enough.  This one cost me $2.00 Australian and a coffee in Perth is more than twice that.  Again, this will work for me and I’m not artistic enough to even draw the curtains so that’ll do nicely.

One of my titles is “Alex” and that’s a system that I’ve started to follow.  It will become a habit to watch his sessions soon enough at which point I’ll take the cards out of the box.  I fully expect to change the details and even the main focus on these cards as I go along but I’m delighted to have a system that will work for me.  It’s all a work in progress and that’s fine.

I’ve relied on computers for too long and there is a temptation to put something on the computer and forget all about it.  Sure, it feels good when I put it down in a spreadsheet but if I don’t review it then what was it worth?  This card system is simplicity in itself and it feels good to get back to paper and pen.

I’m not sure I can do the full Pomodoro thing each day so I may not get to the fifteen minute break but the short breaks between sessions are easy enough and I already had a kitchen timer.

Will I still like myself when I’m organised I wonder?


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