First attempts

First attempts - student project

I only started using Procreate a couple of weeks ago and here are my first attempts on Art Nouveau Illustrations. I find this technique quite rewarding and I like the simplified flowers. These trials opened my eyes and now I see everywhere greate leaves and flowers I’ll want to try to draw. Thank you for this great class, Liz.First attempts - image 1 - student projectFirst attempts - image 2 - student project

I realised that I used a too thick brush for the oranges. And a quote is still missing. 

First attempts - image 3 - student projectTrying out my own brush. 

First attempts - image 4 - student projectand turned it into an endless pattern (which I realised didn’t work out in the end).

I‘m not sure yet how I can use endless patterns but you mentioned something in your course where one can let things printed. I have to get back over it. 

First attempts - image 5 - student projectI really like the old books for inspiration. Thanks so much, Liz.