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Youngoak Malnack

New Beginning



First attempt


Hi Jake and everyone,

Your work is phe·nom·e·nal and congrats on your baby! (I wonder if he is born yet!)

I'm late to submitting the work but.... here I am submitting it. 

I had a major surgery a couple of weeks ago and I thought I could do somthing while I was recovering... Somehow, I stumbled upon Shareskill and I ran into your work. Of course I was inspired~ and end up joining the Ready, Set: GIF!  Well, when I join the project, I think I had maybe a day(?) to finish the first assignment... Rrrrr...  I have copied your work as I am new to AE and my focus was to get farmilar with AE and its effects. During the time of work, I was feeling very exhasted and feeling loopy because of pain killer but I was in denial of all that. Ha! Your work actually reminded me of myself: being loopy. I think I was giggling the whole time when I was working on this. Thank you for sharing your work and thanks to people who shared their work! I am hoping to finish my neon project in time!!  ;)




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