First attempt in applying ROI

First attempt in applying ROI - student project

Hi everyone, I just did a first attempt in using the ROI methods.


To purchase a new baby carrier for my 3rd child!

The 4 steps

1. Achieving reduction of effort, cost, attaining increase in effect 

- Baby carrier - Easier to carry my little one around with the hassle of bringing my bulky pram, :)

- Free up my hands using baby carrier

- Kokadi carrier is a fashion pc, helps hide my plain clothes?

2. Step 2 indirect benefits

- More space in my MPV when driving to destination, I can use it to put my spoils from shopping!!!!!!

- hands to carry the shopping bags.... LOL

- feel safer with my baby in my chest all the time.

- make my friends envious of my baby carrier (It's branded you know?)

3. Step 3 Cost of Investment and total cost of ownership

- 1 time payment, $190

- no maintenance cost

- If damaged which I doubt it will, another $190?

4. Step 4 Return of investments

- I don't know, seems like it's spending money and returns I get is in effort. But I think it's worth it, safety of my child against a measly $190, and more hands to do shopping, for convenience sake. LOL

I succumbed to purchase my Kokadi!!!!!!! Photo's attached! And oops, I bought pillows too. haha

First attempt in applying ROI - image 1 - student project