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Alexandra Bordallo

Surface designer, sewist & teacher



First attempt at watercolors

Hi everyone! Nice to meet you here! This is my very first attempt at watercolors and i think i'm falling in love with them. It's just amazing (and a little addictive too) mixing colors and play with transperencies an opacity.

For now, I am just experimenting with the colors I have, to know how they work and how the look on paper. I am working with nº6 brush and I need to buy another one smaller (or two). Here are few pictures of my work in progress...



I like to draw basic shapes just to practice and practice with my brush control, and to find the colors that I love. 


Well, i need to learn more about this painting tecnique (and I want to learn more about it beacause I like the way it makes me feel). Can't wait to share more of my work here.

Alex ;)


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