Kyle Gallant

I draw letters



First attempt at Pixel Art

Growing up playing 8-bit video games have left a soft spot for pixel art. It was really fun learning the basics from Fabian, I look forward to trying more detailed drawings.

Learning that you can sketch with pixels directly into photoshop was a nice tip. I would have assumed you needed to scan your hand drawn sketches, and then build from that. Working with pixels right from the start helped when sorting out the cleaned up version.

Thanks for sharing the tips for different ways of shading, those were really helpful. I decided to go with the black outline version. I used the dot/grid style you mentioned in order to give a little more detail to different areas of his arms.

Then came the shading. Putting it on a different layer made it very easy to work with. I did notice that using the overlay technique didn't always give me the best contrast on some colours, namely on his shoes.  

The character I made was pretty easy to animate. Your explianations on how to move and edit pieces of the character wasanhelpful. I've given him some secondary animation to add a little more interest. I'm going to be trying some more complex styles in the future. But for now I'm pretty happy with it.


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