First attempt at Chocolate macarons

First attempt at Chocolate macarons - student project

Great class, I thought the instructions were really clear, but making macarons remains by far the most challenging bake I have ever attempted. Actually seeing to which consistency the batter had to be mixed helped tremendously! I was also happy I read the comment section beforehand, because otherwise I would have for sure attempted to bake these using the convection setting on my oven (like I do almost all of my baking).

I am very happy with how these macarons came out, given that this was the first time I tried it. I did pipe two plates of shells and put them in the oven together and one was perfect and the other one... not so much. The shells of the other tray had small fractures on the top. I wouldn't say they were hollow shells or brittle to the touch, but they looked less pretty...

Anyway, after a night in the fridge, I put the pretty ones in the boxes I always save from Laduree (which coincedentally is where I was introduced to macarons in the first place) and treated myself at tea time!