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First art project

Hello, everyone!

I'm very excited to be here and to learn something new! Olga, thank you for the easy-to-pick-up class, which is actually the first one I wanted to join on  

My everyday life is devoted to data analysis and visualization, but I've never been able to draw something that is not a graph, or a chart, or a bar by myself on a blank sheet of paper, though. Well, there were some attempts to try some DIY things, but primarily I used stencils based on somebody else's pieces of artwork.

So, at first, I was trying to copy Olga's examples (hope, it's not forbidden :)



and then started to do some drawings by myself. 




Please, if there are any comments, remarks, pieces of advice, I will really appreciate you sharing it with me!

Finally, one more pattern to complete the task))



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