Sylvia Muller

Skillshare Cooking and Makup Artist



First Try

Here is my homework!  My Thanksgiving tablesetting.  We where 12 on a round table.  It was a lightly formal dinner, you know, turkey, gravy, mashed potatoes, green and sweetpotatoe pure.  For dessert we had pumkin cheesecake and almond cake.  I chose bright colors from red to puple and dark green as accent colors.  The basic color was beige with a bright orange.  Ornaments as flowers and different pumkins.

We had lost of fun and complements on my table!  It looked happy.

My Christmas Tablesetting... fun!!! Decorating and walking on my table!

My photos are not good at all, but my guests where there already, so I just took some in my iphone!  Too ambitious!  Dinner, decoration etc. 


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