First Time with Illustrator (Ever!)

First Time with Illustrator (Ever!) - student project

This is my first Illustration and also the first time I use the program. It took me three days to complete the work (mostly because i was really slow with the pencil tool and I did a panel a day).  I know nothing about textures or brushes, I'd like to learn more in the future.



First Time with Illustrator (Ever!) - image 1 - student project

 Found this reference on Pinterest,  I don´t know it´s origin.
It was drawn by: Kazuo Umezu



First Time with Illustrator (Ever!) - image 2 - student project

In my version i tried to use less colors: Primaries, black and white
(But it didn´t work, it was too repetitive) I used a photoshop paper texture but seeing it now it looks really kitschy and not organic at all.



First Time with Illustrator (Ever!) - image 3 - student projectFirst Time with Illustrator (Ever!) - image 4 - student project















Just noticed some of my layers got lost below the colors, so there is no wrinkles on her clothes and on one of the red flowers.

C´est la vie