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First Time Teaching, Fabric Doll Project

UPDATE: Intro video is online! This is my first time editing a video so obviously a lot of kinks to sort out, but I wanted to put it up and would appreciate feedback, especially on audio and light quality before filming more. (Please ignore the fact that I said special twice in the same sentence, ugh.)

Hi Everyone! Although I have experience teaching in person, this is the first time I try my hand at teaching online, so all feedback and advice is hugely welcome.

-Class Title: Textile Character Creation: Design and Make your own Fabric Doll 

(The class was originally titled "Fabric Dolls for Beginners: Design and Create your own Fabric Doll" but since Beginers is a subjective term I have changed it and will be talking about what prior knowledge is needed for the class in the introduction video.)

-Class Description: Have you ever wanted to make your own dolls? In this class you will learn how to design and create your own doll with fabric and a few other materials you probably already have in your fabric stash. You can make a doll for yourself, for that special someone or even to sell. With this step by step tutorial you will gather your doll making materials, get inspired, create a textile character, design a fabric doll with the lucky end user in mind and bring it to life! Don't worry if you have never made a doll or a project like this before, this is a complete step by step guide with a set of easy and fun stages.

-Project Title: Your Own Textile Character from Start to Finish

-Project Description: 

For this class you will design and create your own textile character from start to finish. With the help of each class video you will take defined and clear steps towards completing your final deliverable. 

1.-Choose 5 adjectives that you want to describe your textile character (take into account who you will be making your doll for. Is it for yourself, a family member with an upcoming birthday, a friend with a achievement to conmemorate, or a client from your Etsy store? Use that as inspiration.) If you want, make a mood board inspired by your 5 adjectives

2.- Build your doll making kit. You don't need a lot of materials to make your first doll, get your kit together (a lot of the items are probably in your home!) and we can get started.

3.- Design your doll. With your mood board in sight, sketch your doll ideas. Try out all your choices in rough drafts, pick your favorite ideas and share with the class.

4.-Practice different styles of making faces for dolls. It comes in handy to know what kind of face you textile character will have since how you build your character can sometimes depend on that.

5.-Create your textile character. Once you have a pattern you can cut and sew the fabric to make your character.

6.- Add details. Once you have the main body of your doll ready, bring it to life by adding details like a face, hair, clothes, and accesories that will really bring out its unique personality.

7.- Share a photo or video of the moment you gave your doll to its new owner (optional deliverable).

Extra.- Make a pattern. You will need to make a pattern based on your final design sketch  to help you cut your fabrics if you don't use the pattern provided for the class. And the best part is you will have it handy when you want to make more! 

Class Video Outline link:


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