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First Time Recording On Computer

This project was recorded for the skillshare class in San Antonio Tx. Away from the city, I dont have to worry about neighbors but a warplane or semi truck may come by sometimes. Before watching this video, I didnt realize literally how much of an instrument the room can be to your finished product. 

Gear List

Macbook Pro (Pro Tools 10, Maschine)

Apogee Duet, Focusrite (converters)

Roland VS 2480 

MPC 2000XL


Kurzweil K2vx (dead, anybody know a keyboard technician?!)

Roland Fantom S

Oktava MK 219 mod


My room is square like most but even more complex my room has wood on the walls so it sounds like you're in a taxidermy store. I created a 'pocket' in the room where I'll be recording at and added acoustic panels just like what was done in the demonstration as well as acoustic foam on the ceiling above my head and also on the adjacent walls.

This was my first time recording on Pro Tools. Ive only used the computer to mixdown what I recorded on the Roland VS 2480. I like the fact that my floor noise is lower while recording through Pro Tools.

I also wanted to shake things up by purchasing a Kaotica Eyeball. Its helps to complement the room acoustics and center the vocals which helped during mixdown. It was alot faster and clearer on what needed to be done to finish the project.



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