First Tarot Reading

First Tarot Reading - student project

This class was an excellent intro to Tarot and helped me complete my first reading! The cards drawn in my first reading seemed to me a very relevant selection. The first card, Eight of Swords, symbolizes my fear of change that has kept me tied to the circumstances that I crafted for myself. Feeling as though larger life decisions were not my own and fearing small choices made it difficult for me to grow in my career and personal life. Since this is something that I have struggled with in the past it came as no surprise that this would be recognized by a higher power as something to be brought to my attention. Since the passing of the full moon I feel as though I have overcome a stage of indecision in my life. I am moving forward. Cue my second card, Eight of Pentacles. This card is interesting to me since it blatantly represents my intentions to become better at my craft in this new year. Learning, taking courses, reaching out to mentors and communicating better with those around me in an attempt to grow in my career, writing and developing a new set of skills is connecting me to my intention to move away from my fear of change and tackle it head on. My final card, Seven of Cups, delves further into my goals for the future. Having recently met who I consider to be my life partner - who so gently walked into my life and stole my heart - my visions for the future have begun to take shape. How I want to live and connect with this person and also deeper with myself as we build a home together. The way in which I intend to carry myself in the world making a difference for the people around me with only the best intent of goodness, spirit and health. These come together so fluidly with the meaning of the card which is imagining or envisioning potentially for future (since these visions are symbolized as dreamlike) the strength, success, and security as well as the exploration of sexuality, connection to spirituality and finally deeper meaning in finding oneself. The character in the card imagines as I have lately what life can or will look like from a state of tranquility and happiness. 

Perhaps my card shuffling skills need work or my connection to the cards has started off on a positive note.. Luck? An interesting and exciting first reading, indeed. 

Thank you!