First Step to Japan - Learn Hiragana and Katakana

Mike has just set his foot in Tokyo, his first trip to the country. Although he had been to many countries, this was his first ever journey to the land of the rising sun. Awesome!

Looking around he could not recognize anything that was written on the board that hang over in front of the shops. Not even a clue. Approaching a passer-by asking the way to his hotel didn't help at all because Japanese guy could'nt utter a word in English. 

All the signs around him were composed in a script that he wasn't used to. Welcome to the world of Japanese language!

He wished if he had taken time and efforts to learn the language prior to travelling to Japan. Are you happen one likes Mike?

This short course on Hiragana and Katakana would give you a way to clear into Japan. I'll show you a simple, easy way to learn the Kana, or so we call it, using  an active learning method.

Don't be hypnotized by the myth that Japanese language is difficult. It's not. If I say Japanese is easy to learn, I'm telling a lie. It's not easy but not so difficult either. It depends on who teach you and how you learn it.

Come to join me for this course to pave the way to visit Japan, to make your trip to Japan fun and memorable.


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