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Jan Sigwarth

Art Director



First Spread - InDesign Layout

InDesign rough layout using thumbnail #4. Any feedback? Fonts? Images? Composition? Still need to add page numbers and maybe the authors name as extra elements.

here are 4 thumbnails for the opening spreads to the article. please give me some feedback!
overall: portray that our country is striken with obesity and the processed food industry - it is an epidemic

thumbnail 1: nothing like a big belly to get attention. would work typography of the headline into a potato chip bag, with chips scattered around
thumbnail 2: salt shaker is tipped over with spilled salt on the tabletop. headline type is written with a finger in the spilled salt
thumbnail 3: white dinner plate setting on a bright background, map of US is formed by various junk/processed foods. headline and intro to story are on the white napkin
thumbnail 4: headline is formed out of spaghettio type letters in sauce that fills up most of the spread. french fries are scattered on the right side of the page, one of the fries underlines a subhead and leads into the intro copy for the story

with your feedback, would like to narrow down a direction to go and then set up where the next spread might go to further the chosen concept, then go to computer layout. THANKS!


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