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First / Second attempt - Obama's victory speech.

Hey guys!

It's me again =) I have to tell you something: Kinetic Typography is kind addicting! I spent all my sunday night trying to make the speech bigger and more fluid.

Here's the continuation of the paragraph (it still incomplete, but I'll fix it asap). Let's see..

Pleease send me some feedback. I'm dumb with design but I'd really like to improve some art skills =)

I tried to add some camera moves, but I think my pc is too slow or I did something wrong =('s the second shot.


First of all, I'll thank Jake for the great class we've just had! I wanted to start something using AE and I finally found a way to start. Thank you very much =)

I chose Obama's victory speech - one paragraph I mean - to start, but when I wrote the first screen I realized that kinect Type is much harder than I thought.

Well, my first attempt is just one sentence of Obama's speech.

I'll post all the paragraph asap but I really have to improve graphics skills and AE techniques.

The full speech text and mp3 audio:


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