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Karen Andrews

"Imagine what you CAN do, "IF" you only try"



First Project In Progress

Part One (Progress Posted As Completed)

I am adding parts of this project as they are finished. This will be my first assignment completed in Skillshare. I have watched a few other videos and after doing so I realize the importance of doing the assignments. Just because you have watched someone else do something doesn't mean you actually know how to do it. So here I go. My first Skillshare assignment. 

First off I would like to say I really enjoyed this teacher. He was straight to the point. He didn't fill his class with fluff, personal issues or fables that some how relate to the class. This class was 100% informational. In my personal opinion it was perfectly presented. 

One of the first things I realized was that if an animal image had a spot where it  overlayed, it didn't actually make it unusable. In some cases it just switched from an Animal Mark to a Negative Space Mark. So I believe any image could be used, just the mark would change. 

My first step was to choose an animal. Since I chose to make an animal mark. I chose an otter since that was my favorite animal. I quickly realized that in some cases an image with an over lap could easily be made into a Negative Space Mark. Anyway I couldn't really decide on an animal so I made three Mood Boards. One for an otter, one for a flamingo and one for a toucan. See them below.

Flamingo Mood Board

Otter Mood Board

Toucan Mood Board

Each animal had some cool things about it that caught my attention. Now with the Mood Boards done i thought the only question was which animal to choose but instead it was actually what animal AND which mark?

(Part Two Of This Project Coming Very Soon)


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