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First Picture book - "The mirror"

This is the first time I try to write a story. I would like to be an illustrator and writing a story will help me dig into the storytelling waters in a better way than just drawing someone's ideas.

So lets get started! I'm new to Skillshare too so I guess I'll be editing a lot this project..(This lines will be deleted at the end I guess haha)

Book Type

I'd like to do my book in one of this two ways: either an Easy Reader's book or a Wordless book.

A couple of the book's I enjoyed a lot was "My Lucky Day" By Keiko Kasza and "Frankestein makes a Sandwich" by Adam Rex.



In Keiko's work I enjoyed the story and characters, the easy reading and the illustrations of course!! In Adam's the most appealing is the illustrations, so fine art! One thing that makes me love Adam Rex's art is that he is formerly an illustrator but he has grown into words and now he writes more and more! It is inspiring to me as an aspiring illustrator.

I am starting to develop some plot choices and I'll post an update when I choose one. Thanks :)

-- Picture book first draft--

Here's the story in general terms, the question to answer is "What would happen if a bird found a mirror?"

The numbers inside the ( ) is for how many spreads the actions take place in the book. Total of 16.

A lady is retouching her makeup on a park bench and when she left, she dropped her mirror. (2)

A bird that was eating bread crumbs finds the foreign object and becomes fascinated with it. (2)

The bird looked in the mirror falling in love with himself more and more. (1)

He carries the mirror around, stopping occasionally to look again. (2)

His bird-friends  had been following him to discover that this strange treasure was. (2)

They had seen his behavior and wanted to use the mirror too, because it looked so fun .. (1)

They asked for the mirror, and the bird did not want to share it and left being rude. (1)

Other birds were after him and fought for the mirror on the hights. (1)

Between the flutter, the mirror fell and was out of sight. (2)

The mirror became entangled in the branches of a tree, where a curious squirrel saw it and was fascinated and in love with his reflection. (2)

I am using the circular plot as in "My lucky day". The story will repeat itself in a similar setting.

I think the story needs more. But I don't know how to make it more interesting or fun...but oh well, I'm open to suggestions/comments/critics :)

-- Picture book voice of story draft -- JAN 2016 UPDATE

Thinking about a 12-spread book. I just noticed it took me a year OMG to get here.....between work and life I commited way to little after the first draft.. hope you can tell me your thoughts from here.

Spread 1. A lady was under a flowering tree. It was a nice spring day, with the birds flying around. She was sitting on a bench, with her lipstick in hand. She never cared much about the birds eating crumbs next to her.

Spread 2. She painted her lips and went away in a rush. But she dropped the mirror on the floor.

Spread 3. Birds were happy, eating the bread crumbs people gave them. They fled high and then went back to the floor. It was a regular scene for a park.

Spread 4. A bird saw the mirror in the floor and went to see. What is that? - he asks. He then sees himself in there.

Spread 5. He can’t stop looking at his reflection, he is hypnotised. He is so handsome. He is so lovely, he falls in love instantly.

Spread 6. He grabs the mirror and flyes away. But returns to land to see again. I look so neat! I look so great!

Spread 7. While he fled other birds are watching. They want to see the mirror too. Its time for a chase.

Spread 8. The birds are curious for this object and they want to know what it is. They know its shinny and they like shinny things. So when their friend is flying they are flying behind him.

Spead 9. They ask for the mirror and he flies away. They try to take it from him, they want it too! They fight in the sky, they all want the mirror. But between the wings the mirror falls down.

Spread 10. The mirror goes down and the birds don’t even notice. They are chasing each other, flapping their wings in the air, talking too much.

Spread 11.  The mirror lands in the branch of a tree. The mystery is over the birds have lost it there. But oh wait whats that? A little squirrel lives there.

Spread 12. The squirrel saw the little mirror in front of his door. He goes out and explores... He’s so pretty, so lovely. He falls in love instantly.


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