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First Game - Purroject Pizza *update*

Week 3

Again, I'm pretty late, but on to learning Breakout on Week 3 material.


Week 2 (I know I should have made a post last week but I was too busy).

So I am a complete newbie to game development, scripting, programming or what have you. I have been getting a little confused with Playmaker for Week 2 and have been taking my time trying to learn from my mistakes.

After a lot of trial and error, this is now an updated, kind of playable version of my game. You can use first person controller: arrow keys to move and spacebar to jump. I added a switch to toggle light on and off by pressing the left shift key (although it has no use in the game yet). I was thinking it could be used as a stealth mode if I decide to add dog NPCs that could get in the way of the cat getting to the pizza. I may try to see if lights off would prevent said dogs from seeing the cat so that cat can work around it. 

I also made some platforms move with Playmaker's Move Towards. I wanted to try it out. I haven't discovered how to end the level yet or a main menu or pause screen. But, you could actually reach the pizza and it will play a sound.

Unity Screenshot

Web Build


Week 1

My first go at learning how to use Unity.

I came up with a room setting and a basic game plot. Found that I'm using grab, position and scaling tools the most. Used mostly cubes to make the walls, ledges and tables. 

My first game would involve a cat that can jump to different places in a room. He smells something delicious and wants to go for it. You get 9 lives to start. The cat uses the room's environment in order to get to the pizza (or other types of food).

Scene View

Game View

Web Build

(updated links from dropbox public folder)



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