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Brad Yoo

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First Flight

I've had a fondness towards tenticles for some time now. My wife and I went to Oahu for our honeymoon and during our time there we went on a snorkling tour in the middle of the ocean. At one point one of the guides emerged from the water with a "small"(about forearm in length) octopus that was wrapped around his arm. I was in shock, in awe of how powerful and annoying the little guy was when the guide tried to remove it. It was fucking amazing and beautiful. The texture of its body, the smooth shape of its head to it's eyes... it was a major highlight of our trip. 

That being said, my idea:   "First Flight"

 I want to use my love of 3D modeling, character design and toys to create a playful sculpture that kind of tells a story. The thought is to create a youthful octopus that is delighted and in amazment as he learns how to use his ink for the first time. I want it to seem as if he's been projectiled off the ground floor.

I imagine this as really being three seperate prints: the base, the ink and the character, that I would paint (hopefully) and assemble together.

The image I've uploaded is just an initial sketch that I would like to explore more of in detail. My next step will be to draw more octo's to get the personality and some more interesting shapes for the ink.

All feedback is welcome.


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