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Christina Lembo

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First Edition Candles

Digitized and colored! I ended up moving quite a bit around, getting rid of flourishes, etc. like I often do once on the computer ;)

Any feedback is welcomed!


final sketch, ready to digitize!

My refined sketch. Going to trace over it with my lightbox for a cleaner and better spaced version. I think I also want to bump down the size of "first edition" a tad. Then time to digitize!

For coloring, I'm picturing a dark blue with light blue lettering and silver foil accents... 


I sketched a few small thumbnails then worked a bit larger to refine some layouits and add details. I like the direction of the last one, with some spacing and layout modifications. I really like using simple yet sort of special decorative elements like the boarder (modeled off bookplates) and want to incorporate a dropcap in the banner/candle name for a bookish reference. I really liked the "Never Leaves Grip" line on the Mucilage label I posted earlier (like, who is that quoting?) so I incorporated a little quote-y tagline and pulled in the No. 1 to denote each candle's place in the line.


I'm basing my project off a fictional line of candles where each one's scent is based on a classic book. 

I started by taking a bunch of notes on the product, labeling, any copy ideas, audience, etc. 

That first one's a bit blurry, sorry.

Basically I determined that my audience will be book lovers (duh) and a fairly unisex group, and at the very least this isn't an overly feminine brand. I may incorporate some flourishes and ornaments, but not as much as some of the labels I loved.

I'll be designing both the label of the actual candle jar, and the box that it will come in. I'm doing a standard box with a fold-up top, so I'll be labeling the four visible sides of the box, plus the top. 

The labels will need to display the brand, the book, the components of the scent, where it was made, that it's made from natural soy wax, the number of burning hours, some sort of blurb about the particular scent, a little callout or two. 

Now my favorite part, the mood board. My coloring here is overwhelmingly pink and orange, but I haven't quite figured out a color story.

I love this angled layout with the banners above and below, and the large S and C caps. 

This may be overly flowery, but I love the little flourish and the shape of the brand label.

This typewriter ribbon canister was my favorite -- the ribbon banner, the typewriter key monogram, the lower arc on the brand name, the No. 10 up top, the swashy letters at the bottom, and the layers of borders. I also loved the original colors or blue and silver.


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