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Jhenn Whalen

Without struggle, there can be no progress.



First Digital Portrait

Hello, All

So, I've had a little Bamboo Pen tablet for some time, but I've always been intimidated both by digital work and photoshop. I'm happy to join this class and learn more about the process of using a tablet.

The original photographer of my reference image is Daniil Kontorovich.

As a brand new grasshopper to Photoshop, these intro basic functions took me a while. I didn't alter the original greatly, only pushed the values a dash. Then came the posterized and stroke filter versions:


Now I have the reference image set up alongside the canvas, which is tinted to match the background. There's a long road ahead of me and I'm sure the freckles will prove an interesting challange: 


Beginnings; slow going and feeling terribly awkward to not look down at my work. At least I have no trouble keeping away from detail since just this is dificult and time consuming. Does anyone have suggestions on how to smooth the brush out so you don't get so many mini outlines? Not fussing too much at this point, but I hope for the final it's less noticeable: 


A little more progress - proportions about as good as I can get 'em, shapes and values a little more accurate:


Clearer definition here and a little of the detail work out of the way. I don't think I'll smooth out all the strokes on the face since I like the more painterly feel. I'm really enjoying this process so far.


And finally, finishing touches. I think I'll play around with background more in a bit. May have gotten carried away with all the fun textures - the freckles were the most fun to do! I learned a lot in this class and I'm glad I got the chance to see other artists' work.



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