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First Date: a chance of a lifetime

This message is a draft for online dating. It's similar to a cold-call, given that the reader won't know who I am. Names and specific details were changed to protect the blah-blah and so forth. I'd appreciate the feedback. Length? Too strong of a call for action? Memorability?

Hey HeartPetals54,

You must get bombarded by hundreds of boring messages - let's change that.

Your description for the street art platform really got to me (are all the photographed pieces your work?). There's a couple of great pieces that my group is working on, and I'd love to share some ideas on both our projects. If anything, I think we could at least be good friends from this.

At the risk of seeming too forward, here's what I'm thinking:

  • coffee
  • air hockey
  • sky diving 

Well, maybe we can save skydiving as a back-up plan. For now, maybe some coffee and lively conversation. What do you think?


P.S. Are you any good at breakdancing? That's what came to mind when you wrote "old school dance" as a skill.


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