First Date Guru - Toronto Edition

So I just came up with this idea, but I think it has potential. Basically I would like to build a basic app that pulls data from the internet to give tips and suggestions for date ideas in Toronto relevant to the time and location.

Here is kind of the blueprint:



1. Select your gender:

a) Female

b) Male

c) Transgender

2. Select your date's gender:

a) Female

b) Male

c) Transgender

3. Select your age

a) Under 19

b) 19 - 40

c) 40+

4. Select your date's age

a) Under 19

b) 19 - 40

c) 40+



5. What's your budget?

a) I'm broke

b) $10 - $20

c) $20 - $50

d) $50 - $100

e) $100+

6. What's your date's budget?

a) they're broke

b) $10 - $20

c) $20 - $50

d) $50 - $100

e) $100+

7. Do you plan on splitting the bill?

a) Yes

b) No



8. When is your date?

Insert: D/M/Y

9. What time do you plan on meeting?

Insert: Time (eg. 9:00 am)

10. For how long?

a) 15 - 30 mins

b) 30 - 60 mins

c) 1 hr - 2 hrs

d) 2 hr - 3 hrs

e) 3 hrs +



11. Where do you live?

Insert: Address

12. Where does your date live?

Insert: Address

13. Where do you plan on meeting?

a) close to me

b) close to my date

c) somewhere inbetween



14. How do you plan on getting there?

a) walking

b) biking

c) driving

d) public transit

e) cab

f) carpool

15. How does your date plan on getting there?

a) walking

b) biking

c) driving

d) public transit

e) cab

f) carpool



16. Select whichever activities you're interested in partaking on your date:

a) film

b) live music

c) theatre

d) art

e) comedy

f) literature

g) exercise

b) food

c) drinks

c) dancing

f) shopping

g) other

17. Select whichever activities you think your date would like:

a) film (subcategories: horror, comedy, romance etc)

b) live music (subcategories: rock, hip-hop, folk etc.)

c) theatre (subcategories: horror, comedy, romance)

d) art (subcategories: painting, sculpture, installation, fashion etc.)

e) comedy (subcategories: stand-up, dinner comedy etc.)

f) literature (subcategories: poetry, spoken word, readings etc.)

g) exercise (subcategories: hiking, yoga, martial arts etc.)

b) food (subcateogries: vegetarian, vegan, pizza, brunch etc.)

c) drinks (subcategories: coffee, tea, beer, cocktails etc.)

c) dancing (subcategories: club, ballroom, zumba etc.)

f) shopping (subcategories: mall, vintage clothes, antiques etc.)

g) other (user inserts there own category to be googled)

G) First Date Options



Your Budget: $20

Date's Budget: $20

Total Budget: $40

Time: 9:00 am - 12:00pm

Location: 265 Claremont St. Toronto, Ontario

Your Date's Location: 23 Bay St. Toronto, Ontario

Location Meeting: Nearby me


1. Food - Brunch

2. Art - Gallery

Date Idea A)

1. Brunch: 

 Kalendar - 546 College Street
Toronto, Ontario
Canada M6G 1B1

 http://www.kalendar.com/ - 

2. Art: Vivian Reiss Gallery - 500 College St, Toronto, ON M6G 1A4



a) 11:00am - 12:00 pm  - eat brunch together at Kalendar

($10 - $30 per person)

b) 12:15pm - 1pm - visit the vivian reiss gallery (cost: free)

Email this to my date! -> insert email

Dating Tip Of The Week: a first date is not an audition for marriage!

Question: would you like an alternative date idea? -> this will randomly pick another two locations that are close by and meet the same parameters.


So I'm thinking of cutting this down and making it much simpler. It will need access to the web (primarily google.ca, now.ca, blogto.ca etc.) But this is the basic framework.


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