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First Cut - Manayunk Ice Festival

Hi There!

I just wanted to say first off, that I'm loving this class - the other students are inspiring and the lessons are truly great.

This is my first cut of the Manayunk Ice Festival Project. It's too long (by 30 seconds!) but I leave in the morning for an overseas work trip, and was hoping that there might be a chance for some feedback while I'm away.

I haven't used Final Cut software before, although I've used more basic tools like iMovie a couple of times. I'm really trying to pick up the shrtcuts with this assignment, and to get a sense of the people and the festival in the Manayunk story. I've obviously tried to squeeze too much in, so appologies for that.

I'm hoping to get into some professional video content creation to compliment my work as a playwright, but that seems a fare way off at this stage (a fair, and a fun way off!).

Anyway, any and all feedback is greatly appreciated. It's a talented bunch in here!

You can see the First Cut video here:
Password: Skillshare

Here's the screenshot:

Big Smiles and Happy Edits,



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