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I created my first class, and spent an enormous amount of work to create it.  It is longer than the average skillshare class at 36 minutes  As I felt the subject required detailed instructions.

I edited the audio and video to make it direct and to the point, removing pauses as much as possible. etc...

Now the hurdle, how do you get anyone to check it out and complete it.  The general population of new instructors may not be interested in such a topic.  The trading economy that I see taking place in the discussion areas, may now not help your trending.  

I have posted my class to friends and followers on instagram and facebook, and even linked in.  I have been a teacher for over 10 years.  But getting people to pull the trigger and sign up really requires serious follow through.  Let alone the fact that facebook filters so much of what your friends see.

I'm considering for the future making much shorter videos, to help with completion ratio.  And continue to build a solid core of followers that genuinely are interested in my subjects.

I want to know if posting in many topics is a hinderance for a new teacher.  Going from a technology class, to teaching culinary, crafts, music, etc.  I am interested in all these areas of teaching.  What are your thoughts?

Check out my class if you would like to make a fun game for your friends and family to participate in.  Its free and just requires a little planning.  

I figured with the popularity of Pokemon Go - people would be enthusiastic to try -

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