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Veronica Lamb

Making Real Food Fit Into Your Real Life



First Class - Delicious Breakfast in Minutes


I haven't done much marketing yet, just made the class free. It's been live about 24 hours now and I think I'm at 20 students. I still want to invite my friends to see it for free, so I just sent free links to them. Hopefully, I copied the correct links for the $10 bonus (Premium) link and the totally free promote link. 


Yay! I'm nearing 100 Students! Most of my enrollments are from strangers. I emailed all of my friends of course, but I also started posting to FB, Instagram, Twitter, or Pinterest. Usually, just one social media post per day. Maybe two if I get some spare time. One day I didn't have any time to post and my enrollemnt numbers for that day dropped by more than half. 

Here's a pic of my latest Instagram post. It's actually a little video of the Blueberry Compote Comfort.



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