First Class Audio File

First Class Audio File - student project

Hi Rosa!

Thank you so much for this course! I always use the noise profile/reduction function but for other areas such as breathing and pops/clicks I usually just highlighted them and deleted them, adding back in silent space if needed. Needless to say, that trick was definitely awesome!

Here is an image of one of the audios from my first class:

Create Your Own EPIC Potato Salad!!

First Class Audio File - image 1 - student project

Come on over and check it out - let me know what you think - Be sure to start your project there and let me know you came from here:)


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  • A printable PDF of the recipe including cost & nutrition information
  • PDF detailing numerous add-in ideas across 6 categories
  • A specially formatted sheet that you can print front & back recipe cards. Works with AVERY (or similar) label card stock
  • Project printout for easy reference

Thank you again Rosa for this class & I can't wait to see you in my neck of the woods and hear any tips y'all might have for my audio!

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