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First Attempts

First Impressions

I have to say that I have wanted 'pretty handwriting' MY. ENTIRE. LIFE. My mother and my sister's handwriting looks as though they were born with a calligraphy pen in their hands. They have very dedicated strokes, intentional swoops and swirls in all the right places. I, however look like I was born with the handwriting of a serial killer physician, LOL. The slower my intent the more frustrated I get, so I throw off the constraints and scribble away. ( I will not here that I am also an RN so I can totally pull off the crazy, medical handwriting and say it's job related ). 

I will say this that my mother is also a self-taught artist in that she can draw a likeness of someone that is truly uncanny. The first picture I remember her drawing was for a project at school when I was in first grade. I had to bring a picture of Abe Lincoln, BOY DID I ! Mom got a book from the library and she did this pencil drawing that blew me away. 

Now, I cannot draw people but I can draw most anything else and I LOVE IT! I suppose if a girl is born with the handwriting of a serial killer she should at the very least be a little gifted with a pen in another fashion.

Fast forward to this digital age, me being not only a RN but picking up photography along the way. I began melding my creative side into the photography world. I began making graphic pieces for myself, for a few photography friends and now I am venturing into graphic/branding design for photographers. I want to offer handwritten names, and move into some wedding designs as well and needed my own spin on design with them. This brought me back to my first desire, learning to have 'pretty handwriting'. 

CUE So seriously fantastic it needs to be 3 words and not one! I found Molly's course, I of course have come across her work in my graphic work and this was a no brainer. I purchased most of the supplies on the list, the nibs for sure and Molly I L.O.V.E the Nikko ! I didn't really purchase special paper so these are on just plain ol copy paper, for the practice. 

These have OBVIOUS flaws but these are my VERY FIRST literal pen to paper attempts at drawing. These are firsts not copies or later practices I did last night. I watched the ENTIRE course last night, I couldn't stop watching HA! 

Molly is a fantastic artist and teacher, the tips and tricks, the basics, the making you feel like the only thing stopping you from creative handwriting is you. I cannot WAIT to see where this all takes me in my artistic journey!


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