First Attempt

First Attempt - student project

I had to make my meringe twice as the sugar was too hot the first go around and it turned into hard candy rocks in my mixture. I need to get a digital candy themometer!

I used turqoise blue gel color and I added peanut butter  and a little salt to the buttercream and it was wonderful. 

My oven has a few hot spots so I had a few macarons that were they rose too quickly and then sort of collapsed. They were on the outside of my pan so in later batches I just didn't pipe any in those sections. 

I took them to work yesterday and my coworkers raved about them! I even got an order for St Patricks day! These are all that are left and I am hording them. 

I think that I could have mixed my batter a little longer, as my first batches still had the peaks from piping and they didin't settle into the meringe.