First Attempt!!


2nd Entry, Wood Desk - free stock photography available on Unsplash. Desk and journal photo cred to @m15ky on Unsplash. I’m not the best with sophisticated color palettes... that’s something I definitely want to get better with. I love the Teal you used Mimi!


1st Entry, Grey and White - thank you so much for your class. I spent all day yesterday watching you here and @ALukeWarmMess on YouTube. I tried to consolidate three concepts together... your illustrative Journaling, and her bullet journal and photo backdrop. I love the grid aesthetic (engineer here) hehe. Would love any pointers on how I can improve =) photo credit to you of course! I’m going to try on textured photos next. Have a really nice one of brick, and another of wood that I’m looking forward to.00ca0153


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