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First Attempt w/ Pointed Pen

I didn't have a ton of time to practice, but I was eager to get started with putting anything to paper.  I basically just free formed for a bit, playing with different strokes and letters.  I have a friend's birthday coming up, so I figured I'd try my hand at lettering "Happy Birthday" although I'm not confident enough to actually letter it for a real card.

I am using a calligraphy kit I already owned w/ a nib that looked similar to the one described in the video, but I don't think it's the right type.  I'm not getting the different widths of the lettering by changing the pressure, I have to go back and re-line any areas I want to have more depth.  Likely I'll be buying the recommended nibs soon so I will hopefully start to understand the lettering style better.

I have been doing calligraphy on and off for over 10 years, I've even done a few wedding orders, but I've only used edged nibs.  This is a completely different feeling and I must admit I'm not loving it yet.  I'm so used to the ridged movements that I'm used to w/ the calligraphy I've practiced before, that I know it'll take a while to train my hand/wrist to be more loose and flowly.

I'm excited to keep going, time to practice for real!

Update 1/31/14

Here we go!  I got the right types of nibs in the mail before Christmas, but then it was crazy Christmas time and I was handmaking a bunch of gifts so I had to put calligraphy practice aside for a while.  

I got my first real practice in yesterday and I must say, these are indeed the right kind of nibs!  Even my hang ups with the flowy-ness of this style seems much easier now that I have the right tools.

Of course, I still need a ton of practice, but this is mostly fun!  I am just a little frustrated w/ my nibs getting caught on the paper.  The paper quality isn't so great overall.  I just copied a template to copier paper, which isn't nice quality at all, so I'm getting a ton of bleeding and the nib catches all the time.  

The clear paper is some vellum I have lying around.  Nib doesn't catch as much on that, so I may just lay the vellum over the template and use it as a guide that way.  I'd certainly like to get one of those nice calligraphy notebooks, but I gotta make due for now.


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