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First Attempt at Calligraphy


So this is my first lesson and first attempt ever at calligraphy. I used the Gillott 303 nib, and found that it kept catching on the paper during the upward strokes... maybe I'm using too much pressure/trying to get ink on the paper? I've always admired other people's handwriting, calligraphy, and typography, so I can't wait to strengthen my abilities and continue learning something new. Any and all advice is very much appreciated!!

Thank you!


Update 10.4.13

The above photo is my second attempt, but this time using the Gillott 404 nib, and I found that this worked A LOT better! So much smoother and no more catching on the upstroke. I also messed around a little with my name... I can't wait to start on the next lesson!!


So I attempted to trace the provided a-m alphabet, and I got a little frustrated just because I was trying to follow it verbatim, and I was not successful in connecting the letters. So I broke off and practiced each individual letter multiple times. I feel like that worked out better for me because it was really repetitive and I was able to really concentrate on that letter; the curves and strokes of each individual one. I think as a person starting out completely green in calligraphy, this really really helped me.

After I practiced that for a while, I tried doing some just fun writing stuff.

Let me know what you think!! Thank you :)


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